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Royal Resorts Exchange Rate | Tipo de Cambio

What is the current exchange rate at  Royal Resorts?


Dollar: 11.95 pesos per dollar
Canadian Dollar: 11.90 pesos per dollar
Euro: 15.80 pesos per Euro

Last Updated: January 10, 2013.

¿Cual es el tipo de cambio actual en los  Royal Resorts?

Dólar Americano: 11.95 pesos por dólar
Dólar Canadiense: 11.90 pesos por dólar
Euro: 15.80 pesos por


Ultima Actualización: 10 de enero de 2013.

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  • jgreen

    Dear Juli: Thank you for writing to Royal Resorts News.

    Yes, you may bring traveler’s checks, credit cards and you can also use ATMs in local banks to make withdrawals from your account back home with your debit card if it has the Visa or MasterCard icon.
    If you are staying at Royal Resorts, please take note that only Visa and MasterCard credit cards are accepted.

    With regard to changing dollar bills into pesos, please be aware of the following: In 2010, the Mexican Government passed a federal law to regulate money changing, specifically with regard to US Dollars. The legislation is part of its campaign against organized crime and money laundering and affects banks, bureau de change, hotels and other businesses. The law was amended in December 2010 and Royal Resorts would like to inform you of the clauses affecting changing money at the resorts so that you may take them into account during your upcoming vacation:
    • Mexican guests may change up to $300 US Dollars per day, per person during their stay or the month. The maximum amount they are permitted to change during their stay or the month is $1,500 US Dollars. A copy of their passport or credential to vote (IFE) must be provided.
    • Non-Mexican members and guests may change up to $1,500 US Dollars per person during their stay or the month. A copy of their passport and immigration form, if applicable, must be provided.
    • In addition, any guest can now pay up to $250 US Dollars in cash per transaction for meals and purchases at restaurants, stores, boutiques, supermarkets, etc. A copy of the corresponding official ID must be provided*.
    • This measure only applies to dollar bills; it does not apply to travelers’ checks at this time.
    • We would also like to remind you that you may use your Visa or MasterCard credit card (no American Express), debit cards or traveler checks to pay your Club Bill on Friday in preparation for Saturday check out.

    i hope that this helps.

  • juli

    Sounds like most places take US dollars. I’m assuming I should just bring credit cards and travelers checks and then I can exchange at the hotel if there is ever a need for pesos?

  • Michael Kaminski

    Have to agree with Patrick Taylor. Weekly postings ought to be sufficient. The international currency market & exchange are very volatile and can change suddenly. What one sees here could be different upon arrival. Use the weekly average rate and plan on small variances.

  • Patrick Taylor

    Having worked in banking and finance for over 40 years I would ask that we all give the accounting department a break. Exchange rates change hourly and sometime faster. I have found the practice of setting the rate on a weekly basis fair and equitable. Changing it more often is somewhat confusing.

  • Al Buscemi

    The Canadian dollar is currently higher in value that the USD, but, your exchange rate is lower..could you explain why please.

  • jgreen

    Dear George: Thank you for writing to Royal Resorts News. I am so glad to hear that you like looking at the webcams. Your request was forwarded to the IT department and they have now moved the webcam to show the pool and more of the bay beyond. I hope that this helps.

  • george fiehn

    Would you please have them move the angle on the webcam at CIC to give a better view past the palapa. Most of the view is of the pool…boring. We like to see the boat traffic on the bay of Majures. Thanks

  • jgreen

    Dear Patrick: Thank you for writing to Royal Resorts News. We are updating the exchange rate more frequently now.

  • jgreen

    Dear Mike: Thank you for writing to Royal resorts News and for your feedback, we will certainly make sure that the exchange rate is updated more frequently, even if not daily.

  • Patrick Taylor

    I agree with Mike. Please keep this current. Thanks

  • admin

    Dear Mike,

    Thanks for writing. I’ll be sure to pass on your request to accounting, since they handle the daily exchange rates.

    Please let me know if theres anything else I can help you with.

  • Mike LeGay

    I sure wish that you would keep this information current. I know it’s a pain to update daily but it is helpful for anyone traveling in the near future.

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