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Welcome to the Ask Joanna section of Royal Resorts News.


Hello, my name is Joanna Green. I have been the Royal Resorts Communication Manager for over eight years and a Cancun resident for over 20! Instead of a newsletter owners comments and questions will be posted on the web site So if you have questions about Royal Resorts, the Mexican Caribbean and the Yucatan, please let me know and I will endeavor to answer them for you.

Rental or sale postings will not be accepted. Furthermore, please bear in mind that in some cases queries will also be answered via email and may not appear in the forum. Please use common etiquette. Be courteous to your fellow net surfers and avoid insults or offensive material: as is standard procedure on these postings, offensive posts will not be answered. That said, have fun and let me know what you think!

  • cancunjo

    Hi Mony:
    Thank you for writing to Royal Resorts News. I will email you the schedules for the children’s activities organized by the Activity Center and those for the supervised Kids Club. (Excel files).
    The activities at the Activity Center are free with the exception of craft activities, which have a nominal free to cover the cost of materials.
    The Kids Club offers supervised activities for children aged between four and 12 years and may be an option if you want to leave them while you go shopping, play tennis or golf or visit the spa. There is a daily or weekly fee for using the Kids Club.
    Use of the Kids Club is included in the REFINE All-Inclusive package.
    When you receive the programs I send you please bear in mind that activities, times and locations may occasionally change. Upon arrival at The Royal Sands it is a good idea to visit the Activity Center to check for changes.
    I hope that this helps and that you enjoy your vacation. Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.

  • mony0503 .

    Hi Joanna:

    We are staying at Royal Sands at the end of July with our two children, and would like to have access to the kids activity schedule if possible, thanks a lot! We are looking forward to our visit!

  • cancunjo

    Dear Shelley:
    Thank you for writing to Royal Resorts News. We look forward to welcoming you to The Royal Sands and hope that you have a wonderful vacation.
    Yes, you can sign out snorkeling gear at the Sports Desk at all the Royal Resorts, but as The Royal Sands and The Royal Caribbean and The Royal Islander are on the open ocean side of Cancun island, there are more waves. You are likely to see more fish in the shallow waters of the bay in front of The Royal Cancun or at our Riviera Maya resort The Royal Haciendas (if you would like to visit The Royal Haciendas during your stay transport can be arranged with the in-house travel agency Thomas More Travel).
    Thomas More Travel also offers a variety of trips to incredible snorkeling spots in the area such as Puerto Morelos, Akumal, Yalku, Punta Nizuc and Cancun Underwater Sculpture Museum and Xel-Há Park.
    As far as waves and boogie boarding are concerned, The Royal Sands, The Royal Caribbean and The Royal Islander are better and there are lifeguards on duty at the resorts during the day (times may vary). Playa Delfines is the other Cancun beach where people go boogie boarding. Please bear in mind however, that on very windy days when the waves are bigger the red flag may be flying at the resorts and if this is the case swimming in the sea is not permitted.
    The beach at The Royal Sands, and all the Royal Resorts, consists of soft white sand.
    If you would like to visit and you can see the menus online for two of our Cancun restaurants; Hacienda Sisal is next to The Royal Sands and Captain’s Cove is a five-minute drive or bus ride away. The menu for Los Murales, the signature restaurant at The Royal Haciendas, is also available at The menus for our other restaurants are not published online, however, if you would like to see the menu for La Veranda at The Royal Sands, El Conquistador at The Royal Islander and La Trattoria, our new Italian restaurant at The Royal Cancun I would be happy to send you the PDF version via email.
    You can make a reservation by using the contact form at
    Reservations are only required for Hacienda Sisal, Captain’s Cove, El Conquistador at The Royal Islander and Los Murales at The Royal Haciendas.
    I hope that this helps, please let me know if I can help you with anything else or if you have further questions in the lead up to your stay.

  • cancunjo

    Hi Lorna
    Thank you for letting me know. My Royal Resorts Foundation colleague will be contacting you, if she hasn’t done so already. The email is I hope that this helps.

  • Lorna

    Thanks for your response. As of today, I have not heard from you colleague. If you would email me their address, I would be glad to contact them directly. Otherwise I await their email

    Thanks again!

  • cancunjo

    Hi Lorna:
    Thank you for writing to Royal Resorts News and for your family’s interest in doing some sort of community service during your stay. Your help will be very welcome and I am sure that we can find something for you to do. I have shared your post with a colleague who is the coordinator for the Royal Resorts Foundation. She will be contacting you by email to suggest options and to check your travel dates.
    Royal Resorts has strong ties to the community and has supported many local charities over the years. Through the Royal Resorts Foundation, it is looking for more ways to help those in need and it has a number of key causes it supports such as children’s education, the campaign against cancer and conservation
    You mentioned that you would also like to bring items with you to donate. Scholastic materials, children’s clothing and toys would be good and can be donated to local shelters.
    I hope that this helps.

  • Lorna

    Hi Joanna, I have a question regarding our trip to the Royal Islander in August.

    My son and his friend are coming with us. They are going to be applying to colleges in the fall. Community service is a big attribute on the application. I thought it would be a great benefit if they were able to take a day from vacation in Mexico to perform some sort of community service. My husband and I would also participate along with them.

    My question is this….do you know of any organization in the area we are staying that we can contact? Do you have any thoughts around this…or do you know anyone at the resort that could help us out with this? We are just looking for a day…something to add to their service records and put on applications. If we can find something, it’s a great way of using vacation time for a good cause! I thought of bringing clothes or supplies to a shelter would be one thing….might be lots of other opportunities.

    Thanks for you help

  • Jessica Frank

    Hi Joanna,
    My family and I will be visiting next week for the first time. I booked through a third party and see that our room has a max of 4 but we have a 3 kids and 2 adults. Instead of a bigger room, will the resort allow us to stay in this room since it’s been paid for? Or will they require we move? Or can we pay a small fee for an extra child? My kids are 5, 11 & 12.
    Thank you,

  • cancunjo

    Hi Donna:
    Thank you for writing to Royal Resorts News.
    In response to your question, yes Hacienda Sisal is included in the REFINE All-Inclusive package now offered at The Royal Sands, The Royal Cancun and The Royal Haciendas. An a la carte menu is available and the restaurant is open for lunch and dinner.
    A few dishes such as lobster, prime steaks, champagne and fine wines are not included in the All-Inclusive package but are available for a surcharge. They are marked on the menu with the Refine package logo.
    Transport to the restaurant is not included for guests staying at The Royal Haciendas.
    I hope that this answers your question, you may also want to visit if you would like additional information on the package.
    Please let me know if I can assist you with anything else.

  • Donna O

    Is Hacienda Sisal included in the AI? I just read somewhere that it is NOT

  • Keith mirrer

    Thanks again…keith


    Sent from my iPad

  • cancunjo

    Hi Keith:
    The El Conquistador is located next to Cayo Largo. I will check up on the Palapa restaurant question for you, however, as far as I know there are no plans to build one.
    If you liked the La Palapa and its ambiance, remember that the original La Palapa is at The Royal Cancun and has a fantastic view of the bay and Isla Mujeres in the distance. I mention it just in case you want to visit your sister resort one day, and of course you may want to try out the new La Trattoria restaurant.
    I hope that this helps.

  • Keith mirrer

    It sure does, thanks. BTW, where in the Islander is the Conquistador located? Also, any plans to build a new Palapa restaurant? Thanks again…keith

  • cancunjo

    Hi Keith:
    Thank you for writing to Royal Resorts News.
    Just in case you didn’t see my response on your earlier post, here it is again:
    Cayo Largo is still open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and Paco’s Tacos for lunch and dinner. You now have a choice of three restaurants at The Royal Islander.
    I hope that this helps.

  • cancunjo

    Hi Keith:
    Thank you for writing to Royal Resorts News. Cayo Largo is still open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and Paco’s Tacos for lunch and dinner. You now have a choice of three restaurants at The Royal Islander.
    I hope that this helps.

  • Keith mirrer

    Oops, I meant Joanna

  • Keith mirrer

    Now that the Conquistador is open, where will we be eating breakfast at the Islander?

  • cancunjo

    Hi Katrina,
    Thank you for writing to Royal Resorts News. I will email you a PDF file with the program of children’s activities available at the Activity Center in The Royal Sands and the separate activities offered by the Kids Club. This is subject to change and does not have days or times. For detailed information please visit the Activity Center when you arrive at the resort. I hope that this helps and that you enjoy your stay.

  • cancunjo

    Dear Christine:
    Thank you for writing to Royal Resorts News. It was wonderful to meet you too and I hope that you enjoyed the rest of your stay.
    I have forwarded your questions to Restaurant Management and as soon as I have the information I will post a response. I hope that this helps.

  • cancunjo

    Dear Mr. Herring:
    Thank you for writing to Royal Resorts News. I have forwarded your post to Restaurant Management and as soon as I have additional information I will respond to your questions.


    Hi Joanna! It was great to meet you at the Royal Resorts Foundation Children’s Day party last Saturday! We had a great time! It was a great experience for us! We were just wondering how the employees are compensated for tips on the all- inclusive. Someone told us that Royal Resorts gives them 15% of what the checks would be if the food was paid for. Is this correct? We tipped as we always do because we wanted to make sure that they were fairly compensated for their great service, but we want to know, as members, what the resorts policy is on this matter. Thanks!

  • Bill Herring

    Thanks for your input on pricing increases; however, it is our understanding that the increase in VAT taxes is passed along to all members when they pay their bill at the end of the week when one is checking out. Furthermore, the inflationary fluctuations should be reflected in the exchange rate each week. Our concern because we care and love the Royal Resorts is that this increase in Cervesa prices may tend to cause less interest in non-Happy Hour prices. Also, would there not be increased sales to all-inclusive resort visitors resulting in increased revenue from those sales? Over the years, prices have been reasonable because it was apparent that management spread out pricing among all resorts and consumption was heavy. Now, the price of beer inside the resorts appears to stand on its own as a commodity for members and guests.

    Bill and Gail Herring

  • cancunjo

    Dear Michael:
    Thank you for writing to Royal Resorts News. I apologize for the delay in getting back to you.
    Yes, Royal Resorts still accepts travelers checks. I hope that this helps.

  • Angela Alavi

    Hello Joanna,
    I would like to know the average price of an entree and perhaps drinks. If the menus have prices, then I would be interested in a copy. Thanks

  • cancunjo

    Dear Mr. & Mrs. Herring,
    Thank you for writing to Royal Resorts News and for your feedback about your stay at The Royal Caribbean.
    With regard to your comments about the price of beers during non-Happy Hour times, we regret that you are disappointed and hope that the following information may help to explain the overall difference that you noticed.
    On January 1, 2014 the VAT tax rate (sales tax) charged in the state of Quintana Roo and northern frontier states such as Baja California was raised from 11% to 16%, thus standardizing it throughout the country. This tax increase has been reflected in the prices you pay for goods and services at the resort and in Cancún and wherever you travel in the Mexican Caribbean.
    In addition, the inflation rate in Mexico has increased in recent months.
    Having said that, Restaurant Management is always looking for ways to enhance the dining and bar experience of members and guests. I sent your comment to them and if I receive additional feedback I will post the information.
    I hope that this helps.

  • cancunjo

    Dear Deborah,
    Thank you for writing to Royal Resorts News.
    We are so happy to hear that you love vacationing at Royal Resorts and hope to welcome you back for many years to come.
    I checked up on your question with the Restaurant Division and am happy to tell you that you may order Enchiladas Verdes at Paco’s Tacos and at The Royal Cancun. Even if they are not on the menu, the kitchen does have the ingredients to make them for you. Just tell your waiter that you would like to order them and the chef will be happy to prepare them for you.

    I hope that this helps and that you enjoy your stay with us in week 35. Please let me know if you need additional information in the run up to your stay.

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